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Vegas Downtown Blackjack Gold Mobile 

There are many great ways to play blackjack and the Vegas Downtown Blackjack Gold Mobile  is one of these. One of the great things about it – among others – is that it can be played directly on the mobile device. And this means that anyone can play if from an iPhone, an iPad or a tablet on the go. The mobile real money blackjack game is such a fast paced game that it lends itself perfectly to the mobile platform. You'll love this version of blackjack with its fast paced action and its mobile capabilities.

The Lowdown on the Game

Now, the chance to play blackjack on your mobile is certainly one that many people will love. This particular game is played with two decks and the dealer offers two cards to each player. The players go first and have to decide if they want to hit or stand. As in most blackjack games, if the player goes over 21, he loses, and if he manages to get as close to 21 without going over and while beating the dealer, he wins.  With the Vegas Downtown Blackjack Gold Mobile game, the dealer has to stick on 17 and has to hit on 16 or less. This evens the odds as you play blackjack on your mobile.

Extra Treats

With mobile BJ for Canadians, you can play with more than one hand. You can change your wager from hand to hand. This does a few things. It allows you to increase the energy of your game since you are keeping an eye on many balls at once. It also increases the chances of your winning, of course, since you’re playing more than one hand at a time. It’s also possible, while using your favourite mobile casino apps, to double down. This is done before taking a third card where you can double your bet and receive only one more card. This strategy really depends on what the dealer’s up card shows but it’s certainly an option as part of the game.

More Fun Choices

Other choices with the Vegas Downtown Blackjack Gold Mobile include splitting. If both of your cards have the same value, you can split and you can do so up to three times. Each time you create a new hand and this adds up to more ways to win and more activity happening in the course of your game. Another thing to know about is that if the dealer shows an Ace, she’ll ask for insurance. If you accept this, then you’ll place a second bet that is equal to your first. If the dealer then has blackjack, both bets are returned to you and you don’t lose anything. If the dealer doesn’t have blackjack, then you’ll lose your insurance bet and the hand will then continue in a normal way. If there is a tie with blackjack with mobile real money blackjack, the player actually wins it in this version of the game. This is only true if the blackjack was reached with two cards.

All of this adds up to awesome fun for anyone who wants to enjoy mobile BJ for Canadians. The game offers players the chance to play blackjack on your mobile and to have a great time from any location where you find yourself. Have a blast today and shoot for the stars from your mobile with the chance to enjoy online casino play with blackjack.