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Mobile Casino Play

Gamblers generally look for the easiest and most convenient venues in which to pursue their gaming activities. Regardless of whether the player joins a pick-up game of poker in the neighborhood, walks to a corner bookie to place a bet on a sporting event or sits down at his PC or with his mobile for some online competition, he wants an easily-accessible gambling venue that allows him to compete at his favourite games at his personal leisure. 

The mobile casino play option is available to all Canadian online casino gamers.  You can enter the mobile casino Canada via your existing online casino account and play on your smartphone or tablet device at your personal convenience. The Canadian mobile casino connects to all Android, iOS, Blackberry and Windows operating systems via Wifi or cellular connectivity. 

Regardless of whether you're drinking your first cup of coffee in the morning, sitting on the train on your way to work, taking a break from your work station or waiting for an appointment in a waiting room you'll be able to connect to the real money mobile casino of Canada and play for free in the Free Mode or for real money prizes in the Real Mode at your whenever and from wherever you want. 

Mobile Casino Safety

One of the biggest concerns that players have about playing at the mobile casino involves safety of their deposits and withdrawals. 

Transferring money to and from the mobile casino requires that the gamer link his online casino account to a casino-supported ebank. These ebanking institutions include a variety of options such as ewallets and evoucher cards which are funded with cash, echecks which function as an electronic checking account, the player's Canadian-linked credit and debit cards and digital banks that transfer funds to and from the player's local Canadian bank account through direct or wire transfer. 

Many players worry that, during the process of transmission, their funds may go astray or be stolen. That doesn't happen with mobile casino transactions. Your deposits and withdrawals are protected by 128 bit encryption codes which is the same type of security that international banking institutions employ. These codes offer the highest level of financial safety and provide assurance that your casino financial transmissions are facilitated with the highest level of confidence. 

The mobile casino is monitored by eCOGRA, the eCommerce and Online  Gaming Regulation and Assurance Agency. This is the same agency which monitors online casino venues around the world. eCOGRA regularly checks the mobile casino's payout tables, the house edge and the random number generator to make sure that players can count on a high level of fair and honest casino activity.  

Mobile Casino Games

The Canadian mobile casino has optimized dozens of the most popular casino games for the mobile platform. These gaming options include interactive table games, card games, lotteries, arcade games and online lots. 

For gamers who look forward to a classic casino experience the mobile casino offers roulette, baccarat and craps, with both single-zero European roulette and double-zero American roulette for a more high-action gambling event. Card game players can take their choice of the classic poker or blackjack games or may move on to more dynamic game adventures with variations of poker and blackjack that involve multiple decks of cards, either single or multiple players, decks with cards removed, options to double and split, an alternative that involves taking out insurance, games with bonus rounds and more. 

Slots have always been a casino favourite and playing on a mobile platform is the perfect way to experience slots fun and excitement. The mobile slot machines involve combinations of features that span the slots industry. Gamers can choose a slots that offers the player's preferred combination of elements. These elements include  wild symbols, scatters, bonus rounds, gambles, free spins, rolling reels, stacked symbols, cascading symbols, exploding symbols and others. 

Players are also invited to choose a slots with a theme that meets the gamer's personal interests and fantasies. Every player can choose a game that specifically fits his expectations with storyline alternatives that range from magic, adventure, history, travel and mythology to romance, whimsy, sports, culinary arts, humor, intrigue, animals science fiction, mystery, mysticism and more. 

Mobile Casino Bonus

Mobile casino players benefit from mobile casino bonus promotions that add casino cash, credits and points to their gambling event. 

All of the online casino bonus packages are applicable to your mobile gaming so you can vary your gambling pursuits between the Download casino, the Flash Casino and the mobile casino and benefit from the same bonuses. All of these bonuses transfer to and from the various casino platforms so you can move back and forth from gaming on your PC to gambling on your mobile and benefit from all of your bonus take-aways. 

If you're a new player you'll be entitled to a Welcome Bonus that welcomes you into the casino by awarding you casino cash plus match credits. The bonus cash is gifted to you to be used at your discretion. Your match credits involve free no deposit credits that are matched to your deposits – if you deposit 20 credits you'll receive 20 free credits that deliver real money wins. 

You are also entitled to Loyalty Points that the casino awards to you based on the games that you play, the amount of your deposits and the number of deposits that you make. These Loyalty points accumulate and you can redeem them for casino gifts. 

Via your casino membership you'll receive periodic notifications of upcoming contests and draws and other casino bonus promotional activities. All players, including high and low stakes gamers as well as beginning and veteran gamers are eligible to take advantage of these give-aways. 

Via your smartphone or tablet device you can enjoy mobile casino play opportunities which translate into fun, excitement and real money wins.