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Mermaids Millions Mobile Slots - Mobile Slots Canadian Players Love

Welcome to the favourite mobile slots bonuses game of all casino players! Mermaids Millions Mobile Slots is finally available and the pleasure is all yours! From 3X multiplier, through multiple awards and rewards and all the way to the 10 Free Spins that are just a few spins away – the wonderful mobile slots for Canadians is right here to give you some fun fun fun!

Join today and experience the thrill, gamble and deposit in order to enjoy the multiple mobile slots bonuses and win more real money on slots so the joy of true gambling will completely yours!

The Mermaids Millions Mobile Slots is known for being more than just an ordinary mobile casino game. It gives you the whole experience of the deep part of the ocean, containing watery symbols and cartoons, blue theme on the screen, suitable sound effects and so much more! A strong merman, a beautiful mermaid and favoured sea creatures will make Mermaids Millions Mobile Slots feel like you are swimming with the pros!

So if you are highly into a mobile slots for Canadians that combines the top of all casino features as well as a great experience far beyond any ordinary casino game - Mermaids Millions Mobile Slots, the mobile slots Canadian players love, is THE GAME for you! Come on now! 

The Mobile Slots Bonuses of Mermaids Millions Mobile Slots

The large variety of bonuses and bonus features existing in Mermaids Millions Mobile Slots make this game an ongoing experience of rewards and fun! The best part is that winning these awards is such a common experience you will soon be familiar with the variable benefits and get to know them very closely…


WILD is the most important symbol when we are talking about bonus features. The WILD is capable of creating a win spin "out of nowhere" simply by serving as a substitute to all symbols on the reels except the Scatter. At Mermaids Millions Mobile Slots the WILD has the shape of a strong powerful merman and can complete a series of three of a kind, four of a kind and 5 of a kind depending on the already appearing symbols on the reels. The WILD is also triggered during the Free Spins, and thus capable of winning for you more credits while you are not depositing at all.

Scatter, Free Spins, Retriggering and More!

The symbol of freedom. Scatter, which in this mobile slots bonuses game looks like a sweet mermaid, is the symbol that makes your dreams come true. 3, 4 or 5 Scatters on the reels will award you with no less than 10 Free Spins consecutively. All the payout credits that you win during the Free Spins are being added subsequently to the payline and let you deposit more and enjoy more! In addition to that, your Free Spins can be retriggered! By doing that you get the pleasure of enjoying even more Free Spins, winnings and credits "on the house" and even raise more your potential depositing amounts, with which you can win even bigger credits! And that's not all… This mobile slots for Canadians players has even more cards up its sleeve – the Scatter symbol, in addition to being a Free Spins trigger, has a particular role at Mermaids Millions Mobile Slots. Very uniquely, the Scatter can give you quite high payouts which are also being added to your payline. The meaning is that the more Scatter symbols you see on the reels – the more credits you are being awarded right now! It's no wonder Mermaids Millions Mobile Slots is consistently ranked as the mobile slots Canadian players love.

Treasure Bonus

If you thought you have had enough with all the bonuses, triggers, awards and rewards… behold… Mermaids Millions Mobile Slots has a special treat for you all and you are about to like it! The Treasure Bonus feature is a unique addition to the favourite mobile slots of them all. Using the unique Bonus symbol (3, 4 or 5 of these appearing on the reels) the game awards you with substantially high payouts which make the whole winning experience highly more satisfying for you! Now, you have got even more ways to get some credits!

Playing Platforms

Mobile Slots for Tablet & Mobile Slots Apps

Originally known as an online game loved by many PC players, Mermaids Millions Mobile Slots is today highly familiar also among the mobile gamers. Being offered both as part of the mobile slots apps and as a mobile slots for tablet feature, gamblers today enjoy the high benefits of taking their pleasures wherever they go! So, whether you enjoy sitting in your house and making dreams come true, walking the dog or doing some sports - Mermaids Millions Mobile Slots can be taken with you today everywhere. Just try! 

Betting Options

One of the things that make a mobile slots for Canadians game truly great is the ability to shift and opt the form of gaming. Luckily, Mermaids Millions Mobile Slots, also has such options.

Betting Amounts

The fear of not being able to raise your betting amounts if you have started small is no longer a concern! The Bet button at the bottom of the screen lets you alter the amounts you bet on with every spin you take. You can always choose higher or lower amounts, so feel free to explore!

With Mermaids Millions Mobile Slots the power is in your hands!  Make the best of your online casino play - play Mermaids Millions right there on your phone and/or tablet.