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A Marriage Made In Ireland: Mobile Slots and Two Bonus Games

Just as our mobile phones, tablets, and other mobile devices are modern conveniences, even necessities, for the busy person in us all, Lucky Leprechaun Mobile slots is for the Irish in us all.  Lucky Leprechaun has Irish motifs galore as you traverse the Emerald Island.  You’ll hear Mr. Leprechaun chatter on in his sweet sounding Irish lilt; you’ll hear Irish fiddle music throughout your island adventure; you’ll see bright colors befitting a land in which the green of nature is more than merely green; and, finally, you’ll always be able to quaff a tall glass of a “nameless” Irish stout (LOL).    

The deep green of Ireland is enhanced by brilliant purples, reds, and yellows.  The music reaches heights during big wins and bonuses.  Is it possible that the modern urban slang term “get jiggy” was inspired by Lucky Leprechaun?  You’ll want to sign up for Irish dance lessons after playing Lucky Leprechaun!  The charming li’l leprechaun will encourage you throughout the game.  He begins every session with a hearty Irish good luck wish and continues his non-stop riffs of encouragement and enthusiasm for as long as you play.  You may get a bit tired come midnight but the joyful leprechaun can go on forever!  Last but surely not least, the tall glass of stout is always cold!

Mobile Gaming with an Irish Lilt

We all know just how convenient our mobile devices are.  Mobile devices have become indispensable for a myriad of activities that not so long ago we performed with paper and pen.  Mobile devices are also a perfect medium for online casino play, whether you fancy slots games on tablet or smartphone slots games.  Microgaming has been working feverishly for a few years to refit online casino games for mobile.  Their policy is to first refit the classics which is why they can now present Lucky Leprechaun Mobile. Whether you wish to play Lucky Leprechaun on your phone or on your modern, high definition tablet, you will thrill at the antics of the Lucky Leprechaun as he leads you on your merry adventure.

Steady Wins

Lucky Leprechaun Mobile has five reels and twenty paylines.  You have to play all twenty paylines.  The maximum bet per payline is one dollar.  The average payout is close to 97% and, as there isn’t a progressive jackpot, you will likely enjoy many small wins along with some more substantial wins.  The bigger wins are more common, of course, in the Lucky Leprechaun bonus rounds where you may win a 1000x multiplier.

The Symbols

The deep colors mentioned above are used to make the standard 10 through Ace symbols jump out at you!  The other Irish-themed symbols are the pipe, the fiddle, the pints of stout, and the ever-smiling leprechaun himself.  There are two Scatters, the pot of gold and the green clover.  More on them later!

In addition to keeping up an Irish chatter, Mr. Leprechaun sometimes dances a jig.  When he does so, he kicks up a cloud of blue dust.  In fact, all the symbols join in the merriment by dancing their own version of a jig whenever they help you win!

The pot of gold also dances at times and during its dances a few gold coins spill out.

The Wild

The Wild symbol, the Lucky Leprechaun logo, is stacked.  This increases your chances of getting a big win when the Wild helps by replacing all other symbols except the two Scatter symbols, the pot of gold and the green clover.  In many slots games, the Wilds are stacked only in the bonus games but, in Lucky Leprechaun, the Wilds are stacked in the regular game as well.

The Scatters

The scatters send you to the bonus rounds.  Two Scatters mean two bonus rounds.  It takes three pots of gold to go the Trail O’ fortune Bonus but you need only one green clover to go posthaste to the Clover Bonus.

Trail O’ Fortune Bonus

Get three pots of gold and here you come!  First, you spin the bonus wheel.  You move along the trail O’ Fortune the number of steps on the bonus wheel.  The Trail O’ Fortune is a multiplier bonus round; it begins with an amazing 12x multiplier and culminates in the aforementioned 1000x multiplier.  The multiplier increases with every step you take.  There is a hidden emerald which gives you an extra spin.  There are two rainbow bridges that take you on a shortcut across the trail.  If you can cross the trail on the bridges, your multiplier will zoom forward!

The Clover Bonus

This bonus round begins when the green clover comes up on the fifth reel.  The basis of the Clover Bonus is free spins with a multiplier.  You begin with five free spins and a 2x multiplier.  When the luck of the Irish is with you, you will get more green clovers; each one is worth another free spin.  Each yellow clover that appears as you spin your free spins increases the multiplier by 1x.

Channel your Inner Leprechaun

All the symbols are here for a delightful Irish adventure.  You will want to dance along with the symbols as they celebrate your wins.  The lucky leprechaun will entertain you with his joyfulness and endless chatter.  The free spins and multipliers in the Clover Bonus and the 1000x multiplier in the Trail O’ Fortune bonus await your having the luck of the Irish.