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Jurassic Park Slots – Bonuses, Payouts and Best of all Rewards!

Random multipliers which make a win into a BIG WIN, T – Rex alert with 35 extra WILDs, Free Spins that would spin your head and simply unlimited forms of joy at Jurassic Park bonus rounds. With the 243 ways to win, it I so wonder that out of the best online slots games Jurassic Park Slots is consistently favoured by all gamblers!

In a modern world like ours, it is highly needed to get some rest, explore more and be connected to our nature. Jurassic Park Slots, based upon Spielberg's great movie has nothing but fantastic nature! The lively cartoons on the large variety of symbols, the roars at the back of the sounds, the dinosaurs and trees all over the screen and so much more let no one forget he is experiencing a truly magnificent game!

So if you favour high rewards, surprising ways to win, multiple bonuses and bonus features as well as looking for a movie – like experience when you're looking for a fine online casino play of the multiple online slots for Canadians, it is 100% guaranteed that Jurassic Park Slots is the game to play!

Rewards, Awards, Bonuses, Scatters & WILD… All of all in One Game!


At this truly WILD game, it is only natural that the WILD symbol will take an integral part of the fun! At Jurassic Park Slots, WILD wears the shape of a red coin with a dinosaurs' cartoon while the Jurassic Park Slots logo is written all over. Not hard to miss, for sure. The beauty of this symbol is that while serving as a substitute to all symbols except the Scatter, it is capable of making many additional wins happen, since it is practically a joker that makes two of a kind be three of a kind and so on over all the five reels. The WILD symbol also has a nice advantage of giving you a nice payout up until 400.00 credits when getting three to five of its kind.


Want to win more spins and yet to save some credits? Ever wished to be free of deposits for a mere spin, one and only? Now, it is possible to take the Play For Real option, and yet enjoy the benefits of being awarded without depositing here and there. And the answer for all of that is the SCATTER. Yes, yes… this beautiful firefly in the middle of the golden seal is what will make your dreams come true. Besides of giving you nice payouts (starting from only two adjacent symbols all the way to the five – reels), the Scatter is here to give you FREE SPINS… and a lot of them. But before the Free Spins, it has a few additional advantages… Wins are multiplied by total bet stacked, wins are added to the payline and most importantly: the Scatter pays in any position. So… now we are ready to go with the best of the best: FREE SPINS!

Free Spins and Their Unique Abilities at Jurassic Park Slots

Some of you have probable heard before about the option of gaining a Free Spin here and there, yet probably just a few heard about 5 DIFFERENT METHODS of using them… Well, with the multiple Jurassic Park bonus rounds existing for gambler, no wonder it is titles as favoured of all the best online slots games. Notion! This feature is a unique one existing in Jurassic Park Slots and is one of the prominent rewards that make the online slots bonuses be as wonderful as they are told by the truly gambling lovers…

First Method – Velociraptor

Gives you 12 Free Spins with Multiplier WILD and Split WILD. The WILD will split into two and create better winning combinations. It can result in a six of a kind win which pays double 5 of a kind and also has the feature of 4X, 5X and 6X multiplier WILDS. And if you had a doubt, it is stacked in Free Spins.

Second Method – Tyrannosaurus Rex

Gives you 12 Free Spins with WILD Reels. T Rex may appear during the feature and turn up to 5 reels WILD. And if you had a doubt, it is stacked in Free Spins.

Third Method – Tricerators

Gives you 12 Free Spins with Running WILDs. On each Free Spin the WILD stack grows by a WILD per reel. And if you had a doubt, it is stacked in Free Spins.

Fourth Method – Bachiosaurus

Gives you 12 Free Spins with MYSTERY MULTIPLIER. All wins will be multiplied by 2X, 3X, 4X, 5X OR 6X. Mystery multiplier awards over a random number of spins. In addition to that, and to your best of joy, at this method FREE SPINS CAN BE RETRIGGERED. And if you had a doubt, it is stacked in Free Spins.

Fifth Method – Dilophsaurus

Gives you 12 Free Spins with Winning WILDS. Dilophsaurus turn random positions WILD, WILD will remain held while contributing to any wins and WILD substitutes for all symbols. And if you had a doubt, it is stacked in Free Spins.

T Rex Alert

This feature is also highly unique to the online casino play Jurassic Park Slots. A T–Rex sighting will activate the alert mode which makes your chances to win increase with no less than 35 EXTRA WILDS on your five reels! The WILD is stacked on all reels and the joy is all yours! Feel free to use it!