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Game of Thrones Bonus Games – Feels like the Movies

WILD, Scatter, Bonus Features, ability to win up to $121,000.00 using 243 different ways, Betting Options, Auto – Spins and SO MUCH MORE! When asking for slots online for Canadians, it is crystal clear that Game of Thrones bonus games just have it all! The unlimited options to win and enjoy make this online slots game a true heavenly experience to anyone who seeks after a great thrill!

So, what have we got here? A wonderful game based upon the well - known HBO based TV show which combines curiosity, excitement and tremendous pleasure to every viewer. Now, all these fantastic elements are combined into an eclectic slots online for Canadians which bring not only the beauty of the show but also the best of the best gambling elements.

Join today and enjoy the dramatic background music, the live pictures, the unique symbols, and of course – the multiple ways to win this game, to gain Free Spins and then to win even more! Come along! 

Sounds Fantastic! So, what are the Bonuses at Game of Thrones Online Slots?

More than you can even imagine!


Wild is one of the best features of all the reputable online slots games, so there is no surprise Game of Thrones bonus games also has it. The uniqueness of this great symbol is that it makes every two "regular" adjacent symbols into a three of a kind by serving as a substitute of the missing symbol. By doing that, WILD actually creates a spin – win and lets you be rewarded with a lot of credits! The nice thing about WILD is that even if a three of a kind or four of a kind is already in action, its presence can create the four of a kind or five of a kind, and thus even enlarge your win – spin! Some refer to this symbol as a "winning maker" and we can surely understand why…


Scatter is wonderful. If WILD makes dreams (winnings) come true, Scatter gives them another option to be created. The Scatter symbol is the one that makes the Free Spins Feature to be activated and thus gives you another option to win your credits. No wonder Game of Thrones is highly reputable among the top ranked online slots games!

Free Spins and the Free Spins Choice

The true adventure! First of all, the great thing about the slots online for Canadians called Game of Thrones is that the Free Spins are awarded quite often. The other great news is that this pattern exists also in the Game of Thrones mobile version so no one is left behind.

By having 3, 4 or 5 Scatter symbols appearing anywhere on the reels, the gambler can win the Free Spins. While this mode is in motion, the player is capable of having up until $121,000.00 as a reward which will all be added immediately to the payline. Thus, higher deposits will be possible for the happy gambler, which will open the door for higher payouts later on!

Free Spins Choice

The Game of Thrones bonus games has a unique feature usually referred to as the Free Spins Choice. Once the Free Spins are gained, they do not start automatically but are "waiting" until the gambler is ready. Once the player desires – he presses the button and THE FUN BEGINS! Now the difference starts… Game of Thrones online slots offers a unique option of choosing HOW to gambler during the Free Spins. Each decision involves a different amount of Free Spins and different payout potential. The options are:

  • The House Baratheon: Rewards with 8 Free Spins and contains 5X multiplier. The House Baratheon Sigil symbol is stacked 3 up.
  • The House Lannister: Rewards with 10 Free Spins and contains the 4X multiplier. The House Lannister Sigil symbol is stacked 4 up.
  • The House Stark: Rewards with 14 Free Spins and contains the 3X multiplier. The House Lannister Sigil symbol is stacked 5 up.
  • The House Targaryen: Rewards with 18 Free Spins and contains the 2X multiplier. The House Lannister Sigil symbol is stacked 6 up.


Yes, this is correct… the bonuses are yet to be over… symbol of BIG WIN can also appear on the reels and enlarge the winning award substantially in no time. When searching for great Canadian online games generally, and slots online for Canadians specifically, the combinations of all the bonus features, and BIG WIN included make Game of Thrones bonus games be the best of them all.

Betting Options

You pocket size changes? Your confidence level rises? Want to game to win for you? Well, you can have it all! Game of Thrones mobile version as well as the online slots one has a fine abundant of options which would let YOU enjoy the thrill EXACTLY the way YOU like it! So, what have we got?

Betting Amounts

Because the more you win – the more you can deposit! So don't feel bad if you start low and not deposit much. Game of Thrones bonus games is known for containing high payouts and therefore, when you win and enlarge your credits box you are able to change the amounts you bet on. This rule, of course, applies to both directions. If you feel you want to moderate the deposits a little bit, this is also possible so do not hesitate to start high and later on lower your amounts.

Auto Play

This is a nice one as well. The Auto Play option is a nice feature which lets you customize the way you want the game to work for you. Once you opt the Auto Play option, you can choose the number of spins you want to be played without your touching the mouse and also decide in advance when and how you want them to stop (for example: after a certain number of spins / when a certain credits payout amount is achieved and so on). It is important to denote that although you make the choices in advance, you always have the option to stop those Auto Spins merely by pressing Stop. Even if you chose to go for 500 Spins.

So, the power is in your hands! Get the most out of your online casino play time - go to your favourite online casino now and play Game of Thrones slots.