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Transport Yourself to the Tropics with Big Kahuna Mobile

Big Kahuna has been an online slots classic for years.  It has all the elements that make slots play so much fun.  You can vicariously experience a glorious tropical vacation during which you get a chance to be a hero and save the entire island nation.  You meet the tribal Chief and have first-hand experience with the two things that most make this particular island so important.  First is Nature’s bounty, represented by a delicious sampling of tropical fruits always available at your behest.  Second is the exquisite artistry of the natives who carve masks from local wood. 

Take a Break from Winter and Play Big Kahuna Mobile  

It may officially be spring but it still feels like winter to most of us!  Carry the vicarious tropical vacation with you on your mobile device.  You can play Big Kahuna on your phone and, with its outstanding detail, especially of the masks, Big Kahuna is a great mobile slots for big-screen, high-definition tablets. 

There are already many mobile casino apps for Canadians.  You will surely be happy if you download one that offers not just a few general mobile slots, but a selection of classic mobile slots such as Big Kahuna mobile.  


The colorful and mouth-watering tropical fruits are the main symbols in the regular game.  They represent the contrast between the windswept plains, blustery Maritime lands, and permanently cool and rainy western areas of Canada and the gentle, warm, and sweetly moist tropical island where you are enjoying a most wonderful vacation.

There is a lizard lurking about.  Its tongue extends far from its mouth and it looks just a bit foreboding at first.  After you see it a few times, you realize that it is perfectly harmless but that it does want to snatch a fruit or two from you, so enjoy the lizard’s surreptitious visits and keep your fruits close.

There is a big, toothy monkey as well.  The monkey is the Scatter symbol but, unlike in most slots, the Scatter doesn’t send you to the bonus rounds.  The monkey wins in all positions, whereas the other symbols win from left to right.

The Wild Symbol is represented by the Big Kahuna logo.  The Wild replaces all other symbols except the Scatter to give you extra winning chances.  In addition to helping you win by taking the place of the other symbols, you can win big by getting five Wilds.  They provide an $8000 bonus and the Chief multiplies the $8000 by the bet you made on the winning line.

There are also a volcano symbol and a mask symbol.  The volcano symbolizes the dangerous side of Nature.  This beautiful tropical island was formed by volcanic eruptions over many, many years.   The volcano left a great legacy, a warm island in the middle of the tropical ocean where weary Canadians can go to relax.  It bestowed us with the spectacular climate that produces the fruits you are savoring.  And it left an island culture where the natives, who are always ready to serve you, also have the time to produce great works of art, shown in the mask symbol.

Volcano Bonus

The islanders and vacationers alike give little thought to the volcano.  It hasn’t erupted in many hundreds of years.  Island legend has it that a visitor last saved the island from certain destruction many years ago but the manner in which he or she did so has been lost.

Now, picture the scene.  You are lounging about, being entertained by the silly lizard’s antics, smiling back as the monkey flashes its toothy grin at you, enjoying the island artwork, and listening to the natives spin tall tale after tall tale about the heroic visitor who calmed the volcano so many years before.

Suddenly, three volcano symbols appear and your world is turned upside down.  You are immediately transported to the Volcano Bonus.  The Chief is there to explain the situation.  The legends about the heroic visitor are true after all!  Now you must be the hero!  Only a vacationer can mollify the smoking volcano by offering it a tropical fruit!

There are three fruits to choose from.  If you choose wisely, you will reap a large reward from the island treasury.  If you choose poorly, the volcano will blow its cork sky high.

Here’s a little secret just between us.  You always choose well.  The island is always saved.  The Chief thanks you for your heroism and you return to your lazy, fruity vacation.  The Chief knows that now that you have been a hero once you would like to be a hero many more times.  We hope you get three volcano symbols often!

Mask Bonus

The islanders are true tropical craftsmen.  They take the abundant local wood and carve it into beautiful masks.  If you get three masks, you go to the mask bonus.  You are presented with ten masks.  These masks are on display, as if at a museum.  As much as you would like to take one home, you may only choose masks, one at a time in any order you wish, and the islanders will give you a cash bonus for each mask you choose unless the word “collect” is hidden under the mask.  In that case, you collect your winnings and return to the quiet of your vacation.

The islanders appreciate your patronage so much that they reward you even if you choose the “collect” mask first!

Enhance your Online Casino Play by Going Mobile

Big Kahuna mobile is certainly a great addition to the library of mobile slots available.  Stay here to learn more about great mobile casino bonuses and mobile slots bonuses to get the most out of your online casino play time.

The bonuses in Big Kahuna mobile are among the most thrilling in the vast world of online and mobile slots.  We urge you to check it out!